Philip Mack stumbled across pencil drawing by accident. At the age of 28 He had been working in the Construction field for a decade and had been noticing the toll it was taking on his body. Birthing from a dispute with his friend and tattoo artist over how his female portraits hair should fall, the artist told him to come back with a drawing on what he had meant. Not knowing anyone who could draw, he searched YouTube and began sketching what he thought the hair should look like.  The tattoo was finished, aided by Philip's sketch but the friendship was over between him and his artist. Philip commonly refers to this dispute as the focal point when art was put on his radar and set plans in motion that would ultimately change his life.


He has partnered with the Seahawk's center Justin Britt's Relay for Life charity, raising funds and awareness towards Cancer research. Most recently, Drawn 2 Draw, hosted a charity exhibit selling both original drawings and prints with partial proceeds benefiting the Alzheimer's Association. March 2018 he will be hosting a handful of local Artists to raise money for Alzheimer's of America. A charity he feels strongly about after his Grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2015.